10 Reasons to Buy From SupplyWorks

1. At SupplyWorks, we are able to leverage our national scale and capabilities to provide fast, reliable delivery from our 68 distribution centers that span the U.S.

2. Our dedicated team of over 700+ facility maintenance experts utilizes a unique problem solving approach, leveraging deep industry knowledge and experience to better understand our customers' needs and provide them with insightful, tailored solutions.

3. We supply a full spectrum of over 140,000 facility maintenance products, ranging from janitorial and cleaning supplies to plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other products.

4. Our portfolio of brand product offerings from Georgia-Pacific, 3M, Rubbermaid, Kimberly-Clark, Kohler, Sylvania and Schlage, among others, is complemented by our extensive collection of high quality exclusive brands in many categories.

5. Our broad assortment of both janitorial and maintenance repair products allows you to consolidate vendors and save in both direct and indirect costs.

6. We leverage our proprietary programs, such as SupplyWorks In-Site®, a total cost management solution designed to make facilities more efficient, healthier and greener.

7. Our innovative inventory management tools, like Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Shop Management Program (SMP) and Supplyware, are designed to reduce carrying costs, product shrinkage and stock-outs resulting In improved inventory management.

8. Our convenient e-commerce sites allow you to place orders, research products or catch up on the latest trends. You can also create a Favorites List, Custom Catalog or Bin Labels for your facility quickly and easily.

9. Our easy-to-use mobile site grants you mobile access on your iPhone or Android devices with full product searchability, access to your Favorites List, and more.

10. We offer advanced analysis and budgeting tools, including green reporting, to streamline ordering and improve decision making.